Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi there! It has been a long time posting, but mommy has been studying real hard these days and she hasn't let me blog until today. I've been oh-s0-lonely since she's been away studying, serioussssly lonely. All I do is sleep while she's gone. What a lonely dog world.

On a higher note, I had to post about this amazing toy that keeps me entertained for a looong time. It's the Wubba toy!

It is the Best Toy Ever!!!

I got the Wubba toy (made by Kong) recently and I absolutely wrroooooove it. Best gift ever! Ok, I say that about all the toys I get, but this one is different. I squeaked the life out of the squeaker, yet the toy is still in tact. Most of my squeaky toys get destroyed in minutes. Mom is so impressed that I haven't chewed anything off yet. As you can see from the picture, I even fall asleep playing with it. hehe. I definitely recommend you get a wubba too. You'll have loads of fun.

Alright, dog buddies, it's time to take a dog nap.

Sweet treats all.

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