Thursday, April 23, 2009

a typical puggle puppy day


My first bowl. I chewed up the rubber that keeps the bowls in place. I was teething!

... and more teething!

Ahhhh. Sleep. Mom loves it when I sleep. She looked at this picture and said she misses my cute belly.

Pictures of Moi!

Mom had me for 2 wks already. I learned how to sit and lie down. I'm cute and smart!! Oh, Yeah!! =D
It wasn't always easy for mom to train me. Actually, I'm still learning. She's learning too. She never had a dog before and I'm not the easiest dog to take care of. I didn't like to be on my own and created BIG messes when mom was away at work or in the other room. I destroyed a lot of things and still do. Owning a dog takes a lot of patience. Oh, and costs a lot too. What can I say? - I'm high maintenance.