Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures of Moi!

Mom had me for 2 wks already. I learned how to sit and lie down. I'm cute and smart!! Oh, Yeah!! =D
It wasn't always easy for mom to train me. Actually, I'm still learning. She's learning too. She never had a dog before and I'm not the easiest dog to take care of. I didn't like to be on my own and created BIG messes when mom was away at work or in the other room. I destroyed a lot of things and still do. Owning a dog takes a lot of patience. Oh, and costs a lot too. What can I say? - I'm high maintenance.


  1. Hey Ninja! What a great name for a puggle. Come hang out with my puggle posse on my blog :)

  2. Hi Ninja! Thanks for writing on my blog! You are so cute! My mommy got me when I was 10 weeks old so I guess she is going through some of the same stuff your mommy did when she got you. I can be stubborn but also so SWEET! Did you get housebroken? I'm getting better at it. I think if the weather gets and stays nice it will be easier. I HATE rain and wind. Its much easier to potty inside when its ugly out. Please come visit me often on my blog. I don't have any real puggles around here. Just regular dogs and they don't understand how special it is to be a puggle. BTW, are you a boy or a girl? My mommy keeps whispering that I'm going to be "fixed". Have you been? Did it hurt? What do I need to start dreading --- or, looking forward to? The reason the name "Petey" shows up on my blog is because he is my brother. He is 9 yrs old. OLD! He doesn't do much but I love him very much! Got to go gnaw on my mommy's footboard. Lots of Licks, Snuggle